My CIDP Symptoms Index Chart Record 2000 through 2019 -
CIDP Symptoms Index + CIDP Progression Index + CIDP IVIG Treatment Impact + Index for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Measurement



Here are some of the graphs I developed to track and log the development of my CIDP:













>> download CIDP-progression-chart-2011-2017.jpg

Here My Monthly CIDP Symptoms Index is a composite of the twelve main symptoms I have had measured daily. The index is based on a daily subjective scoring of my symptom and a fixed weighting of the symptom based on how intrusive I feel the symptom in the conduct of my daily life.

>> Download CIDP-Symptoms-Composite-Index-2019-08.pdf


> download arm-hand-force-strength-chart-2016-12-11.pdf

CIDP Hand Pressure

> download hand-grip-strength-chart-2016-12-11.pdf

> download arm-hand-force-strength-chart-2016-12-11.pdf

. Updated May 2019