My CIDP Record 2000 through 2019 of Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)
CIDP nerve conduction studies (NCS) + CIDP electro-diagnostic electromyography (EMG)

My first nerve conduction study (NCS) October 8, 2002 (aged 56-years) was "pristine" albeit I reportedly had "very high amplitude sensory responses". I underwent this fist NCS because I felt something was wrong including a left leg and foot that very occasionally would suddenly begin to drag. April 18, 2008 (aged 62-years), nerve conduction studies by my principal doctor were "suggestive of axonal neuropathy" and CIDP was mentioned but it was reported by the doctor that he did "not have great electrodiagnostic evidence of a primary demyelinating lesion". A second NCS opinion four months later, August 5, 2008, was suggestive of "sensory more than motor polyneuropathy of most likely a demyelinating nature" (but no conduction block was reported). Then almost two years later on May 05, 2010 my condition was revised by my principal doctor to "exceedingly mild CIDP". (In 2019 I am working on a project to have my NCS studied in more detail and will be posting the results on CIDPlog).