My CIDP Record of Cannabidiol CBD oil for my CIDP Pain - extract from Cannabis medical Marijuana - Trial October 2017

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Cannabidiol CBD oil for my CIDP Pain - extract from Cannabis medical Marijuana - Trial October 2017: As of mid-2017 I remained steadfast in my rejection of the drug route for pain, but this October 2017 I am experimenting with cannabidiol CBD oil as a potential CIDP pain killer. I am a registered medical-cannabis / medical-marijuana user and October 12, 2017 tried my first dose (0.5 ml-oil or 10 mg-CBD) of the 1:20 version of Cannabidiol CBD oil [which has only minor traces of THC]:

  • October 12, 2017 try orally: The 10 mg dose of CBD oil (taken orally every second day) gave me no benefit - I do not feel I had any observable reduction of my high level of CIDP neurological pain. Further I can do without feeling groggy as I do with CBD oil, so what if I am actually causing damage?
  • October 20, 2017: Cannabidiol CBD does not seem to work for me at all. I am in a difficult position as on the one hand I feel I should stop taking CBD before I damage something on the other I am thinking I should try a higher dose
  • October 22, 2017: I had a very bad CIDP pain day yesterday so decided that today I will make a last try with a double-dose split four hours apart (total 1.0 ml-oil or 20 mg-CBD administered orally) of the 1:20 version of Cannabidiol CBD oil. Between doses I perceived no benefit. After second dose plus 4 hours again no observable pain-relief (although there may be a tiny amount of pain dampening). I feel groggy with an unusual headache. I also feel my legs have an increased tendency to cramp and there was an adverse impact on my balance. So at this point I have no reason to believe Cannabidiol CBD oil is helping in any way and indeed may even be counter-productive in treating my CIDP pain or other symptom
  • October 24, 2017 - try topically: Today pain was unbearable so I rubbed a 10 mg dose of CBD oil on the lower right leg muscle. A little stingy on the skin at first, but I will wait and compare pain in left-leg to right-leg in about four hours. I can report that again I could not measure a noticeable reduction in the pain level
  • November 01, 2017 -.Pain so bad that I tried higher 1.2ml-oil or 24mg-CBD oral dose of Cannabidiol CBD oil. Again no observable pain relief so I will look for other solutions.
  • Notes: I believe the CBD oil dose I am taking is pretty low as my doctor allowed me 3g-CBD per day! However, I know from other drugs I have taken that I am very sensitive to all drugs (including IVIG) so without at least some pain relief at low doses I can conclude with high probability that Cannabidiol CBD oil is ineffective at reducing my CIDP pain.
  • Also, I am VERY concerned about studies that find Cannabidiol CBD oil may lower testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is a proven muscle-building and pain-relieving agent so taking Cannabidiol CBD oil may be counterproductive for me. I have low testosterone (caused by CIDP) and have used a patch for a year now to counter this, with positive results

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