My CIDP log of effects of Cuvitru self-injected subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Ig - 2019

On December 21, 2018 I will take my first Cuvitru 20% sub-q Ig for my CIDP. My previous sub-q trial of Hizentra July 2015 was abandoned due to what I call my overloading of immunoglobulin. Although I do like the convenience of IVIG, I am keen to have a retry of sub-q as I am hopeful that it will result in a better outcome for my CIDP. My dose this time is increased to 31g or 155 ml per week (versus 26g for Hizentra). The following is my log of my self-infused Cuvitru campaign commencing December 21, 2018 four weeks after my last IVIG infusion (of 70 g Panzyga which I received every four weeks) -


Summary Sub-Q Cuvitru IG Results Starting December 21, 2018
» December 21, 2018, first infusion of Cuvitru SubQ. Decided with assistance of the nurse-trainer to use four sites (needles) each 9 mm long attached to the delivery line and pump. I infused at close to the max rate allowed by the controller and had hardly any side-effects.

» December 28, 2018, a week later I made some changes in my infusion proceedure. I went to gauge 24, 12 mm long needles and slowed the infusion rate a little. I also placed the four needles wider apart. I felt less discomfort although I still have a nighttime cough side-effect which I have to find a way to overcome.









investigated in the clinical trial for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy CIDP.