My CIDP log of effects of SCIG self-injected subcutaneous Immunoglobulin IgG - Cuvitru 2019 and Cutaquig 2020?

On December 21, 2018 I will take my first Cuvitru 20% sub-q IgG for my CIDP. My previous sub-q trial of Hizentra July 2015 was abandoned due to what I call my overloading of immunoglobulin. Although I do like the convenience of IVIG, I am keen to have a retry of sub-q or scig* as I am hopeful that it will result in a better outcome for my CIDP. My dose this time is increased to 31g or 155 ml per week (versus 26g for Hizentra). The following is my log of my weekly self-infused Cuvitru campaign commencing December 21, 2018 four weeks after my last IVIG infusion (of 70 g Panzyga which I received every four weeks) -


Summary Sub-Q Cuvitru IgG Results Starting December 21, 2018 - through 2019 into 2020
» December 21, 2018, first infusion of Cuvitru SubQ. Decided with assistance of the nurse-trainer to use four sites (needles) each 9 mm long attached to the delivery line and pump. I infused at close to the max rate allowed by the controller and had hardly any side-effects.

» December 28, 2018, a week later I made some changes in my infusion procedure. I went to gauge 24, 12 mm long needles and slowed the infusion rate a little. I also placed the four needles wider apart. I felt less discomfort although I still have a nighttime cough side-effect which I have to find a way to overcome.

» April 2019: The 12 mm needles proved problematic - too long for my anatomy. On one occasion I think the needle during flow pieced a large vein or maybe even an organ when I stood-up, causing immense pain. I switched back to 9 mm by four site configuration and also place two of the sites in my upper thigh + two in abdomen area.

» April 11, 2019: Up to this point side-effects of SCIG Cuvitru have been minimal but mid-April 2019 I was hit with my dreaded lip-scab issue that continued for the whole month. (My doctor had said this reaction would not occur as it had persisted with IVIG). I am hoping this was a one-off event and that the issue will resolve from this point!

» May 01, 2019: I feel better on Cuvitru sub-q than any of the IVIG campaigns I have had since 2011. With practice I have become quiet expert & very comfortable with self-infusing and prefer this to IVIG. So far so good!

» August 01, 2019: I started getting a rash on my chest & abdomen, and then upper back, neck and even face. This rash progressed to serious stinging red blotches all over the affected area through September. I had difficulty finding places to infuse.

» November 01, 2019: The rash appears to be gradually subsiding from outward to inward but the stinging remains pretty uncomfortable especially on the back of my neck. The rash seems to inflame in the middle of each infusion cycle - around day four in the week. Indeed, my neck feels less controllable and strong and I have increased dizziness by end November.

» December 20, 2019: I am switching brands to Cutaquig Sub-q SCIG IgG. This switch is unrelated to any problems I was having with Cuvitru. However, given the rash issue I am certainly interested in the switch hoping that the rash will disappear more quickly than otherwise.

» December 29, 2019: The switch to Cutaquig did not happen (apparently because there was Cutaquig shortage) and I remain on Cuvitru. Meantime the rash is definitely subsiding - although my neck is still pretty bad - and also I am having somewhat less side-effects (rash and swollen lymph nodes) overall from Cuvitru. My body seems to be adjusting and I do feel quite stable entering 2020: This is not to say progression of my CIDP has stopped or I am in any kind of remission at this time!


* "sub-q" or "scig" = subcutaneous or subcutaneous IgG Immunoglobulin infusion under the skin (versus "IVIG" = intravenous Immunoglobulin infusion directly into a vein)

investigated in the clinical trial for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy CIDP.